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If you are interested to purchase a home in Lamphun, Thailand, let Chiang Mai Estate Agents provide assistance to you. Here at Chiang Mai Estate Agents it is our professional commitment to assist our customers in finding and purchasing a home that is suitable for them.  Lamphun is a great part of Thailand. It is away from the noise of the large city. Yet it is only 20 kilometers from the city of Chiang Mai. There are good schools in Lamphun, as well as, national parks, shopping centers, local markets, and more. There are many amenities in Lamphun that would prove to make life comfortable. It is a growing area, and the fact that it is not far from Chiang Mai, make it quite nice.

Chaing Mai Estate Agents is one of the fastest growing real estate agencies in Chiang Mai. Our dedication to quality service and customer satisfaction have proven to be good reasons for our growth.

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