Land for Sale in Hang Dong

If you are in the search to purchase land in Hang Dong, then Chiang Mai Estate Agents would be honored to assist you. We have many listings in the Hang Dong area and continuously receive more properties to represent. Hang Dong is an excellent part of Chiang Mai to purchase in. It is conveniently located to many amenities. In Hang Dong there are international schools, many great restaurants, golf courses, public parks, shopping centers, markets, and more. Best of all, it is not far from the actual city of Chiang Mai, nor the airport.

Here at Chiang Mai Estate Agents we strive our best to offer an optimum level of customer service. You could say we go above and beyond to genuinely represent the interests of our customers. We are growing rapidly and we are constantly striving our best to rise to the occasion of committing the highest level of service to our customers.